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INTERESTING FACT: most dealerships make a lot of money on vehicles that are traded in. In fact, many New Car Sales departments at traditional dealerships lose money and depend on their Used Car departments to pick up the slack. Don’t Trade It In was founded by a car enthusiast who used to work at one of those stores. Our mission is simple: quickly put more MONEY IN YOUR POCKET!

Have you ever had buyer’s or seller’s remorse? Ever been taken advantage of by people or companies in the car business?

Hi, my name is Justin Cole and I know how the car business works first hand and didn’t like it! I opened Don’t Trade It In for two primary reasons.

The first is so we can quickly put more money in your pocket when it’s time to part ways with your vehicle and the second is so we don’t have to buy vehicles from the stereotypical and predatory bad-guys and gals in the car business.

Our offers usually fall between a typical big-box dealership’s trade-in value and higher offer you’d get if you sold your vehicle through a private party transaction, but without the hassle!

We don’t mess around with lowball offers. Hover over Learn more in the header bar, click on a topic right now and stop throwing away your hard-earned MONEY!

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