Want to Know How to Sell a Car in Texas? We’ve Got the Information You Need

If you’re willing to put in a little time and research, it’s not that hard to sell your car in Dallas, or any other area in Texas. In fact, the more you know, the easier the process will be in the end. If you’re ready to put in the effort to plan and prepare before even posting a car for sale in Texas, then we’ve got all the information you need to make it happen.

Check out these tips on how to sell a car in Texas to make the process smooth.

Get Your Paperwork in Order

When learning how to sell a car in Texas, the first thing to remember is that your paperwork must be in order. Texas requires that you complete an application for Texas Certificate of Title and provide a title for your vehicle that includes an accurate odometer reading. On the Texas Certificate of Title, also known as Form 130-U, you must include a signature and the final sale price of your car for sale in Texas. This certificate then serves as your bill of sale.

The new owner of your car for sale in Texas should then contact the DMV to transfer the title. However, is it possible to register a car with no title? Although laws vary from state to state, if you are wanting to know how to sell your car in Fort Worth or any other area in Texas without a title, we have that information for you, too.

Once you’ve finalized all of the sales details on your end, the new owner of the vehicle should do the following:

  1. Stop in at the DMV to inquire about the paperwork required to register a car without a title
  2. Bring credentials, such as proper identification and an insurance card to the DMV for registration
  3. Ask the seller to complete an application for a duplicate title (keep in mind that some states require that this application is notarized)
  4. Inquire at the DMV whether the new owner or the seller needs to get a smog certificate
  5. Fill out details about the car for sale in Texas, including the VIN, date of sale, odometer reading and price of the vehicle
  6. Pay the applicable fees to register a car without a title in Texas

When registering a vehicle without a title, keep in mind that the new owner must provide the bill of sale or proof of ownership, as well as the signature of the previous owner.

In addition, when learning how to sell a car in Texas, it’s important that you have the vehicle’s history and service records readily available. The buyer may also be interested in a CarFax report to ensure the vehicle history is accurate.

Clean Up Your Used Car For Sale in Texas

It’s crucial that your vehicle looks and runs well. For those wondering how to sell a car in Texas for top dollar, it’s not surprising that those who present a clean vehicle can maximize their earnings. Utilize this cleaning checklist when selling a used car in Texas:

  • Wipe down the wipers or replace if fraying has occurred
  • Wax the entire exterior of the vehicle including the headlights after washing
  • Remove all trash from the vehicle and the trunk
  • Vacuum the carpets and apply vehicle-approved spot cleaner to remove stains on the seats or floor mats
  • Inspect underneath the carpets and seats to remove any excess cash or coins
  • Thoroughly wipe down the dash and the cup holders

It’s not so much that you need to know how to sell a car in Texas, but that you need to know how to present a car in Texas to potential buyers. A clean car makes a statement. Evaluate how your vehicle runs, too. While it doesn’t make financial sense to make thousands of dollars worth of repairs, you can make minor repairs to increase your earning potential. For example, make sure the vehicle is current on oil changes, get an alignment if needed, and fix any broken pieces of trim on the interior. How to sell a car in Texas doesn’t have to be rocket science, but a few small repairs can go a long way.

Take Good Pictures of Your Used Car for Sale in Texas

It’s all in the pictures when learning how to sell a car in Texas online. And, it’s also about the lighting. Park your vehicle in a sunny area without any distracting items in the way. Then, take photos of the exterior from multiple angles. Selling a used car in Texas is much easier when you show just how attractive the interior and the exterior look.

Take a close up shot of your vehicle’s odometer to show proof of the reading and zoom in on features such as speakers, leather seats and power windows and mirrors. Start the vehicle when taking pictures of your used car for sale in Texas to show how the dash illuminates.

Set the Price Right

Do your research when learning how to sell a car in Texas. Use one of the online tools available to ensure the price is right and fair. For example, you can research the value when selling a car in Texas by logging on to Edmunds, CarGurus and Kelly Blue Book. Detail your odometer reading, any additional features that may increase the price and of course, the color, make and model of your vehicle. Remember that you’ll only get an accurate estimate of your used car’s value if you are honest about the condition and the features when using these online tools.

Don’t Trade It In

It’s tempting to just trade in a used vehicle for sale in Texas rather than sell it outright, but you will likely lose money. If you don’t want to navigate how to sell a car in Texas to a private party, then there’s a better solution. Contact Don’t Trade It in. We make it easy to sell a used car in Texas completely online. Simply fill out our online form, upload photos of your used car, SUV or truck, provide the VIN and press submit. The team at Don’t Trade It In will contact you with a fair value and then travel to you to pick up your used car for sale in Texas and issue prompt payment.

You have plenty of options when learning how to sell a car in Texas and Don’t Trade It In is one of the best.

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