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Don’t let dealerships take advantage of you. If you’re in the Garland, Texas area, contact us to sell us your car rather than trade it in for lesser value!

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If you need to sell your junk car for cash in Garland, TX, we’re ready to help at Don’t Trade It In! Why keep looking at a car that’s losing value over time and taking up a spot in the driveway? If the repairs are starting to cost more than the car is worth, it’s time to sell it to get something better.


Don’t waste your time trying to sell using sites like Craigslist or Autotrader. Not many people are interested in buying a junk car. That’s where we come in to help. We make the cash for cars process simple. With a simple questionnaire, our team of car buyers will get in touch to get you the best cash value for your car. 

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So, you’ve decided you’d like to get rid of your old car. Many people think the way to get the best-selling value is to trade it in to a dealership. 


Dealerships are notorious for making a considerable profit off of traded-in cars. They do this by offering a minimal trade-in value on your used car before turning it around to sell at a much higher price. 


Don’t settle for dealerships in the Garland area that shortchange you on your trade-in vehicle’s value! At Don’t Trade It In, we offer an easy process to get you the best offer. Contact us today to get started on your intake questionnaire. We are happy to guide you through the process. With no hoops to jump through, you can feel valued and know we aren’t taking advantage of you. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are plenty of junk car buyers and dealerships in the Garland, TX area. If you’ve been hunting around for the best option, you’ve probably taken it to multiple locations to get inspected. 


Don’t Trade It In knows how frustrating this lengthy process can be. To save you from this drawn-out process, we’ve simplified our cash for cars method. Use the steps below to get cash for your junk vehicle: 

  1. Fill out our intake questionnaire: This process will ask for simple details, including a basic description of the car’s body, such as the make, model, and year. Give a brief overview of the condition of the car, including any damages or past accidents. Don’t worry about downplaying any past issues; we can guarantee we have an interest in your old vehicle. Added information such as the VIN and License Plate number will help expedite the intake process. From this information, we’ll generate a market report for your used car.
  2. Inspect your market report: The market report will give you added specs featuring the demand for your car’s make and model and the estimated value of your trade-in. This assessment doesn’t count as a final offer. That value is contingent on the final in-person inspection.
  3. Pass a final vehicle inspection: After you’ve filled out our questionnaire and viewed your market report, one of our employees will be in touch to schedule a final offer and inspection. Once you’ve accepted our final offer, we’ll come directly to your location to pick up your used car. Best of all, we’ll leave you with your payment in hand.

Before our final inspection, we ask that you completely clean out your car. You wouldn’t want any lost belongings getting hidden underneath a car seat and lost forever! Also, gather your title and any other necessary items to complete the sale. Having these documents ready will make the process much more seamless.Once the sale has gone through, you’ll need to alert the Texas DMV that you have sold your car. To do this, file a Release of Liability and Notice of Transfer. Garland

Once you’ve decided to sell your used car in Garland, TX, it’s best to avoid using sites like Craigslist or eBay. Trying to vet strangers that will be honest and free of ulterior motives isn’t worth the risk. 

Plus, local junkyards in Texas are notorious for offering terrible customer service, so the headache often isn’t worth the risk. Also, there’s a likelihood that you’ll receive a better offer over the phone than you’ll get in person. 


Plus, it’s not likely that you’ll find anyone that will do a free, convenient pick up of your junk car like Don’t Trade It In! When you choose to do cash for cars business with Don’t Trade It In, you receive a guarantee that you’re making a used car sale with a company that will treat customers with high standards. Don’t worry about any hassles and last minute blind-sides like you would with other junk car scammers. 


Don’t waste any more time looking for the right trade-in. Call Don’t Trade It In at (877) 234-5373 to start working on a quote for your junk car sale. 

It’s preferable to sell junk cars with a title in the state of Texas, or elsewhere. However, it’s still possible to find a buyer for them without a title. There’s no guarantee that that is always the case. 


Many factors go into the ability to buy a junk car without a title. These factors include: 

1. The age of the vehicle

2. The exact location of the used vehicle


The decision to buy a junk car without a title depends on the preference of the local dealer. A photo ID matching valid registration will be necessary to prove prior ownership.


Be warned that offers for junk cars with no title may be considerably lower than those with a title. 


If necessary, the owner will need to retrieve a replacement title through their local Garland, TX Department of Motor Vehicles. 

Be prepared to pay a small fee for replacement title processing and turnaround time. This process can be instant or take a couple of weeks. 

While Don’t Trade It In takes pride in its swift and hassle-free cash for cars process, it’s not always possible for pick-up to be on the same day you fill out the questionnaire process. Because we are always in business, making the best deal for junk vehicles, the speed in our pick-up process depends on the existing work-load of other sales. Same day pick-ups may be possible, and you can expect the process to be swift regardless. Our pick-ups take anywhere from 1-3 business days. 

Although Don’t Trade It In operates out of Garland, TX, we offer pick-ups for used cars in select cities all over the United States. If you have a junk car you’d like to sell, give us a call. 

Don’t Trade It In promises to get you the best cash value in Texas for your junk car. We hand you payment at the time of pick-up, giving you the choice of a check or an electronic transfer. 


While cash may seem ideal, our business uses checks to ensure our record-keeping is correct and to protect our tow drivers. 


Our payments are fully backed and guaranteed. If our offer is lower than what a local dealership offers after their in-person inspection, we’ll give you more. After the dealership has inspected your junk car in person, bring us their written offer, and we’ll change our offer to get you the best deal. 

There’s a reason Don’t Trade It In is a trusted cash for cars business not only in the greater Texas area, but a majority of the United States as well. We guarantee that you’ll walk away satisfied with your cash for car trade-in when you do business with us. If you’ve been getting the runaround from used car dealers or junk lots, spare yourself the headache and get started with our intake questionnaire today. 

“Mr. Cole was and still is to the present day very friendly and communicative. He did a great job of answering my questions and taking the time to solve any issues. I sure will recommend this company and Mr. Cole as well. Hope to do business with him again in the near future.”
- J. Covarrubias
Mr. Cole answered all my questions and went above and beyond in finding solutions for me. I’m very pleased with my experience.
- L. Toone
“The service is outstanding and they treat customers like family. I highly recommend this business.
- B. Brogdon
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