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Looking to sell your car in McKinney, TX? Don’t Trade It In® is here to help.

Don't Trade It In® is here to assist when you're ready to sell your car in McKinney, TX.

Every year, McKinney, TX is ranked one of the fastest-growing cities in Texas. Located just 25 miles north of Dallas, McKinney has quickly become a highly-desirable suburb featuring quality housing, extensive entertainment and dining, and five-star schools. Because of these incredible amenities and accommodations, people are flocking to McKinney, TX in record numbers. Additionally, McKinney, TX is in close proximity to cities like Plano and Frisco, where businesses from across the country are relocating due to great cost of living, quality local talent, and much more.

With so much to do and see in McKinney, it’s important for you, your family, and your friends to have reliable transportation to get to work and around town. If you’re thinking about upgrading your vehicle, you’ll want to consider selling your car in McKinney, TX first. But what’s the best way to sell your car for cash in McKinney?

While selling your car can feel like a daunting process for many, the team at Don’t Trade It In® is here to help make the process as simple and hassle-free as possible. With Don’t Trade It In®, there’s no reason to spend hours at a McKinney car dealership just to find out they’re giving you a lowball offer. Save your time and get paid more by selling your car in McKinney, TX to Don’t Trade It In®.

At Don’t Trade It In®, our top priority is to provide quality experiences to our customers. While dealerships and large companies are out to purchase your car for as little as possible, Don’t Trade It In® wants to put more money in your pocket. McKinney car dealerships are incentivized to purchase used cars for next to nothing so they can turn around and sell them for massive profit. Don’t Trade It In® prioritizes you, our customer, and wants to make a mutually beneficial deal that makes everyone happy.

When you’re looking to sell your car in McKinney, TX, if service is important to you, call Don’t Trade It In®. Many dealerships that buy cars expect you to bring your car to them. Don’t Trade It In® is different. We’ll pick up your car at a time and place convenient for you. Don’t Trade It In® will give you a great offer the first time. We’ll meet you to pick up your car, and we’ll pay fast for your car.

Plus, we’re family-owned and Dallas-based, so when you sell your car, Jeep, truck, or SUV to Don’t Trade It In®, you’re supporting a small, local business. Located just down the road in Rowlett, TX, the team Don’t Trade It In® loves helping out its neighbors in McKinney. We’re here to serve you throughout the car-selling process and want to provide you with the best experience possible.

McKinney has so much to offer, and if you’re not happy with the car you’re driving around town, consider selling it to us. Don’t Trade It In® pays fast for your car so that you can go on to purchase your dream truck, SUV, or car.

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Our Process is Hassle Free


You Don’t Trade It in!

Instead, you call us for a hassle free, fair evaluation of your vehicle. We can offer more than dealerships and are a cash buyer. Get more money in your pocket faster.


We Provide You an Appraisal.

We utilize the latest technology to remotely analyze your vehicle and generate a true top-dollar market value.


We take care of the paperwork.

Remotely and electronically DocuSign the paperwork or come in to finalize
everything in person.


We come to you!

We can come to you! Sit back, count your cash and relax while we come to pick
up your vehicle. We won’t stop you from dropping it off yourself if you’d rather do that!


Why dealerships won't give you a
fair value for your vehicle.

It's the dealerships' main source of revenue.

Many dealerships make a killing on traded-in vehicles. These departments offer minimal trade-in value on your used vehicle before selling it at a much higher value. Don’t let a dealership shortchange you on your vehicle’s worth!

New car sales actually lose money.

Every day a new vehicle goes unsold is another small loss that continues to mount until it’s finally purchased. As a result, it often falls to the used car sales departments to turn a profit if new vehicles aren’t selling at the pace they hoped for.

It may have to go to auction after they buy it.

Many times trade-in vehicles are required to be sold at auction if they don't meet certain standards. Dealerships try to offer less for your trade to make sure they can still make a profit even if they don't sell the car on their sales lot.

Frequently Asked Questions!

We’re licensed, bonded and insured. We also have an excellent reputation and have been in business for five years.

We pay you via electronic funds transfer directly into your bank account or via company check.

You get paid as soon as we’ve completed sales documents and have your title, vehicle, or both in-house.

We buy vehicles from clients in all 48 continental United States and come to you to complete the transaction. Our corporate headquarters are in Rowlett, TX, just outside of Dallas and you’re welcome to come by to do business with us in person.

We have the ability to complete transactions on the same day, assuming you have a clear title in hand and two days if you don’t.

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